• Who's Merdoggo?

    Part fish and dog! He's quite magical. He lives in the Merdoggo kingdom, deep in the sea where the rainbow fish are. One thing people always say is that he's always happy! Merdoggo is pretty much always smiling, and he'll cheer you up in no time. Merdoggo is known worldwide because he always saves the day!

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    There's lots of ways to sport some Merdoggo!

    laptop stickers and laptop skins Merdoggo

    Take me Anywhere!

    6 styles to choose from as well as some laptop skins to match! Merdoggo waves from afar to your coffee house friends, reminding them, be happy, it's ok, just get another coffee.

    Make your life more Happy!


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    My Etsy shop is where you can find tshirts, hats, backpacks, pins, & mugs! It's actually my favorite place to shop, as there's so many amazing designers and makers who make such cute things! Merdoggo is happy to be among them 🌸

    tshirts bedding home decor stickers mugs and more on redbubble

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    So many options!

    For an ever expanding selection of Merdoggo STUFF! Come and check out all the rainbows and pink and wonderful things I have on Redbubble! This is the main place for great quality stickers for your laptop, phone cases, greeting cards, stationery, journals, tshirts, dresses, sweaters, pillows, bedding... clocks, can there be more?

  • Testimonials

    There are so many who love Merdoggo!

    Merdoggo Statue of Liberty Dad Hat in Pink

    One of the two hats I will wear. Love wearing this on travel days over a comfy outfit. Hat is adorable and cool. Gets lots of compliments!

    Aug 2, 2018

    - Kathryn Mucumeci

    "A very dainty pin! We love the hand-drawn quality and the wonderful bright colors~ <3 Can't wait to see more design from this shop!"


    - Ina & Amanda

    I have several of these mugs. They're really cute and hold up well in the dishwasher. Great product!


    - Martie Norwood

    "A Merman."

    Feb 20, 2019

    - Olivia

    We love the pastel color scheme & the hand-drawn quality. This pin is absolutely perfect and cute! <3


    - Ina & Amanda

    Thanks for the Merdoggo sticker! It brings a smile to my face every time I see it!

    March 2019

    - Carolyn

  • iMessage Stickers

    A set of 25 super adorable stickers featuring Merdoggo!
    Stick and share them with friends.

    Merdoggo has many friends, including you!

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    Merdoggo products are sold in countries such as USA, Thailand, & Taiwan.

    We offer pins at wholesale prices if you plan to sell in your own store.

    Feel free to email to get started to merdoggo@gmail.com

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